Q: Can I use Torch Paste on cutting boards?

A:  When Torch Paste is used on a surface that will be in contact with food items, it is recommended that the surface be sealed with a food grade sealer after applying/burning Torch Paste.  Some sealers may require periodic re-application, use and reapply as directed.    


Q: Which heat gun should I use?

A:  A 1000+ watt heat gun that reaches a temperature of at least 400 C.   The SeekOne heat gun is the one I use.  


Q: What stencils/silkscreens can I use with Torch Paste?

A: Adhesive stencils from IKONART, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.  Plastic stencils work well also.


Q: Can I make my own stencils? 

A: Absolutely!  Use IKONART Stencil Kit  (Save 15% with code TORCHPASTE). 

You can use your Cricut, Silhouette or Cameo, too!


Q: Can I use Torch Paste on sealed/stained/painted surfaces?

A: This is not recommended as the sealer/stain/paint may have harmful chemical fumes.  Torch Paste is meant for unfinished substrates.  After which you can stain and seal. 


Q: What is the shelf life? How should I store it? 

 A: Shelf life stored below 70F is 10 months.

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